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It’s not just Air. It’s a token of time.

On a particular day, we store fresh air from the Bay Area, California inside an air tight bottle and ship it to you.

$1000 per order. Limited to 3 bottles a day.

What is Air of Time?

On a particular day, we store the Air of that day in a bottle and ship it to you across the world.
Just as Time, Air is also constantly changing. The fresh air of a day represents all that happened on that day.
On every future date Air of Time will always represent that day as the truest memorabilia of time.
A maximum of 3 bottles of Air of Time would be produced on a given date.

Inside the box

A sealed air tight bottle with California’s finest all natural air from the Bay Area labelled with the date of Air.

A certificate of authenticity of Air of Time on the given date.

A signed thank you note.

I would buy this because ... ?
I would buy this because ... ?
I would buy this because ... ?
I would buy this because ... ?
I would buy this because ... ?

  • you are a Contrarian.
  • it's the only true memorabilia of time.
  • there's power in owning a token from the history of time.
  • you want to make a statement about Climate Change.
  • it's a part of California, one of the most coveted places.
  • you can be part of this viral movement and make history.
  • you want to support a startup with potential to change the world.
  • Air of a previous day is a gift that no riches can buy.
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Why buy Air of Time?

Frequently Asked Questions

How soon does the Air of Time ship after order?

We ship Air of Time within 3 business days of getting the order. We will also send you updates over email provided during billing.

Is there a specific date for which I can order Air of Time?

If you'd like Air of a particular day, please send us an email at along with your email address with which you made the payment. We respond within the day to most queries.

Is there a limit to number of bottles?

A maximum of 3 bottles will be shipped for a given day.

Can I return Air of Time after receiving it?

Air of Time is a custom bottle prepared on order. All sales are final. If for some reason the bottle is damaged during shipping, please send us an email at

Can I make a special request with the order, such as a gift note?

We are happy to accommodate some special touches for your order. Please send us an email at with your request.

Is there a referral / affiliate program?

Yes indeed! We have one of the best referral programs out there. Please see this post for details.

Where do the proceeds go from this sale?

All proceeds after expenses will be used to fund our tech startup: Milkie Way, Inc.

Why does Air of Time cost $1000?

We believe $1000 is a fair price given the emotional value Air in Time brings. $1000 is just enough that would limit the buyers to a certain number, and not too much that nobody can afford it.

Why is Air of Time valuable?

Here's a post explaining why we believe Air of Time is worth purchasing.

I opened the bottle. What now?

If you on purpose, or by accident, open the bottle, all the fresh air of California from that day will be released instantly.

The real value of Air of Time, is that it contains Air of a particular day in the bottle. Releasing air after breaking the seal might bring down its value significantly.

Is this a joke or prank?

No, we are very serious in our offering. It's a real physical product and we believe it will be a very valuable asset with time.

That being said, we highly recommend purchasing Air of Time as a present to your friends, and loved ones. You can also buy Air of Time to create viral content on social media.

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All Natural California Air 1000ml

On a particular day, we store fresh air from the Silicon Valley, California inside an air tight bottle and ship it to you.

Yes, taxes and shipping charges included!
Limited to 3 bottles per day.
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